The Desert Safari and Tourist Attractions in Liwa

The western region of Abu Dhabi near the Saudi border is a small outpost of the Liwa Oasis. The town does not have much glam and glitter like Abu Dhabi City or shopping malls to offer to the tourists. And hence, this becomes the only reason to visit the place. Liwa is a place rich in natural beauty and it exhibits the same. The settlement in the place is surrounded by dunes which are extremely stunning from the visual aspect. The topography of Liwa is like the Martian landscape and it is breathtaking to see the sandbanks as one stands on the horizon. Some of the dunes are mountainous and Liwa’s vast expanse is broken by the palm trees which stand in small groups. One gets closer to greenery as the center of the place is an oasis. Date farms are the predominant agriculture that supports the town’s economy. Liwa is a total opposite of the three major cities of UAE and is a perfect place for camping during the weekends. The tourists can enjoy dune surfing, hiking, fat-biking and a night under the sparkling stars in a cool weather. It is a perfect way to invoke the Arabian Nights. And the very next morning and wake up to the sun rising against the sand dunes.

The Desert Safari of Liwa

With the liwa desert safari, the tourists can actually enjoy and relish the peaceful ambiance with the starry nights that rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul. The desert safari helps the tourists to get a break from the busy life of the city and can peacefully enjoy an uninterrupted evening in the desert with more adventures and activities that are to be experienced only in the desert region. The liwa desert safari also involves the tourist attractions through which the visitors can enjoy the traditional glamour of the architecture of the region through the old and ancient forts. The wild safari helps in exploring the desert region thoroughly with the golden sand dunes. The colorful sky of the evening with the sun going down in the desert horizon is also an awe-striking sight. One can surely experience the hues of bright red, orange and all of this can be enjoyed with the traditional Shisha at the private camps.

The liwa desert safari is also a perfect option for having a barbeque dinner around the campfire beneath the starry night. More magic is added by the desert breeze and the first morning light on the golden dunes. The tourists can enjoy perfect facilities and delicious Arabian cuisine along with the beverages at the campsites. It provides a perfect experience for the ones looking out for the desert safaris.

Tourist Attractions in Liwa

The various liwa tourist attractions that draw many tourists to the location of Liwa are described below.

  • Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum: Enjoy the widest collection of various cars from different parts of the globe with more than 200 vehicles and has the yellow cab of New York and the 1890 Ford. The permission of the Sheikh is mandatory for viewing the collection.
  • Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

It gives the visitors a totally different experience from the other hotels and resorts of Abu Dhabi. The most important attraction is the Anantara Spa which is influenced by the ancient cultures for the wellbeing of all. It offers four venues for dining and is a perfect place for the gastronomic from across the globe.

  • Liwa Forts

The ancient forts of Liwa were built by tribes using straws and mud bricks so that they can keep themselves protected from the other tribes and enemies. The visitors can surely enjoy the traditional forts and their architecture which are almost 300 years old.

Apart from these, the other liwa tourist attractions are the Liwa Hotel, Moreb Dune and Liwa Date Festival which are places of worth visit. It’s a place that should surely be enjoyed by all who want to enjoy the desert safaris and campings.